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BVB International Academy-LA

BVB International Academy-LA

CORE Values

I.  Let’s begin with this, we don’t whine.  This tough individual can handle any situation and will never complain about anything on or off the field.  True joy in life is not based on our circumstances or surroundings that can cause habitual complaining.  It’s knowing that we were created with a purpose to make the world better and that the world does not revolve around us.

II.  The truly extraordinary do something every day.  This person has incredible self-discipline and has a plan to do something to get better every day.

III.  We want this to be a rich, valuable, deep and rewarding experience.  This is the individual with focus and understands her priorities, to get a good education.  They lead their life with proper balance and perspective towards their intellectual growth.  They make good choices to best represent themself, their team and club.

IV.  We work hard. This individual embodies the “untiring human spirit” and never stops pushing themself.  They are absolutely relentless in training and in the match.  The difference that separates the above average from the average and the great from the good is the determined and passionate heart that wills itself to work harder than everyone else.

V.  We don’t freak out over ridiculous issues or create crises where none should exist.  The best example is someone who is steady and resilient.

VI.  We choose to be positive.  Nothing can depress or upset this powerful and positive life force – no mood swings, not even negative circumstances can affect this “rock”.

VII.  We treat everyone with respect.  This is that classy person that goes out their way to never separate themself from anyone or make anyone feel beneath them. “Class is the graceful way you treat someone even when they can do nothing for you.” Doug Smith, Mgr UNC Women’s Soccer Team (’86))

VIII.  We care about each other as teammates and as human beings.  This is that non-judgmental, caring and inclusive friend that never says a negative thing about anyone and embraces everyone because of their humanity, with no elitist separation by academic class, social class, race, or religious preference.

IX.  When we don’t play as much as we would like we are noble and still support the team and its mission.  This remarkably noble, self-sacrificing, generous human being always places the team before themself.

X.  We play for each other.  This is the kind of player that works them self to death covering for all of their teammates in the toughest games.  Their effort and care (their verbal encouragement) make them a pleasure to play with and their selflessness on and off the field helps everyone around them. (“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Note given to UNC Women’s Soccer Coach Anson Dorrance by Rakel Karvelsson (UNC ’98))
XI.  We are well led.  This is the verbal leader on the field that is less concerned about their popularity and more concerned about holding everyone to their highest standards and driving their teammates to their potential. This person competes all the time and demands that everyone else do as well!

XII.  We want our lives (and not just in soccer) to be never ending growth, but for that to happen properly our fundamental attitude about life and our appreciation for it is critical.  This is that humble, gracious high-achiever that is grateful for everything that they have been given in life, and has a contagious generosity and optimism that lights up a room just by walking into it.
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